Scholarship under your name

For many years, the Hans and Ilse Breuer Foundation has been awarding doctoral scholarships for outstanding young scientists in the field of Alzheimer’s research. We would be happy to offer you a scholarship under your name, with which you can personally accompany a young scientist on his or her way of researching dementia diseases and their treatment options. We will put you in touch with the scholarship holders and, through our committees, will make recommendations as to which, in our opinion, would make sense to support.

Become part of a network of founders and donors who have made it their goal to promote young scientists in the field of Alzheimer’s research in Germany and to improve the living situation of people with dementia and their relatives. Please contact us so that we can show you the different ways in which you can directly promote and help under your name. We would also be happy to introduce you to other ways in which you can initiate and support your own funding projects.