StattHaus Offenbach:

What do we do?

We take care part-time of affected people

We look after people who are in an early to middle stage of dementia for a few hours from Monday to Friday at the “StattHaus” Offenbach. Our offer allows those people to participate in social interaction and at the same time relieves the burden on carers.

Our motto is: move and accompany together.
Our day groups consist of a maximum of 8 people. Affected people are accompanied and supported by our specialists and volunteers in a wide variety of activities. Regular activities in small groups that are adapted to the respective abilities have a stabilizing and a physically as well as a psychologically beneficial effect for all concerned.

How do we spend time together?
Our offers are based on everyday activities, which however take place in a structured framework. They range from gymnastics, walks, dancing, light gardening, various board or card games and light brain teasers to excursions. Common lunches are of course included. This enables us to put those affected in an open-positive mood in a family-friendly atmosphere. The focus is on joy, fun and shared experiences of success.

When can you come to us?
Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. A meeting is always personal and individual.

What do you have to expend for our day care?
12.50 euros per hour *

Maren Ewald

Tanja Dubas
Stv. Leiterin

Good to know: Our services are recognized as an offer (so-called “niedrigschwelliges Angebot”) for everyday support with the right to conversion of outpatient benefits according to § 45b SGB XI and can be financed by the long-term care insurance.