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At the beginning of a possible dementia among family members, those affected quickly feel overwhelmed by the situation. Because dementia is not diagnosed immediately. Affected and relatives wonder

  • about the best way to proceed if you see the first signs of (Alzheimer’s) dementia even in relatives,
  • how do you communicate with whoever is affected
  • how and when to involve or tell other family members,
  • who is a competent contact person before a diagnosis or if it has already been diagnosed,
  • what can I do for myself when I’m overwhelmed by the new situation,
  • how are other affected people with the new situation,
  • with what support can I keep home care as long as possible,
  • what are the next steps to be planned?

The team at the “StattHaus” Offenbach is a competent partner for all questions related to dementia. Based on our daily experience in dealing with people with dementia and their relatives, we are very familiar with the situations on both sides and the associated challenges. We offer those affected and their families advice, personal or by telephone, so that families are not left alone, but get help and support – as our donor intended.

Sprechen Sie uns an, wir sind für Sie da.

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