Former sponsored projects

From 2006 to 2012, the Breuer Foundation was purely a funding foundation. During this time, it has financed over 30 projects in the area of aid to those affected. In 2015, the dementia center “StattHaus” was opened in Offenbach to switch from a financial to an actively promoting role. The “StattHaus “ is a counseling, care and meeting center with a community that is self-administered and cared for by the relatives. In addition, the Breuer Foundation is the a Hessian center for self-governed dementia communal residences since 2016.

Find out more about some of our funded projects up to 2012 in the following – Please note:
All projects have a regional reference and are therefore only shown in German.

Learn more about some of our funded projects through 2012:

„HilDA Mobil – Mobile counseling and support for dementia patients“.

(Applicant: Bürgerinstitut e. V. Frankfurt am Main).

The central offer of HilDA (help for dementia patients and their relatives) is to be supplemented by a decentralized presence in the city districts. For reasons of cost and capacity, only a mobile solution can be considered. The goal is to have HilDA mobil on the road regularly and on special occasions in Frankfurt’s neighborhoods and, in addition to providing counseling – through its physical presence – in the city, to raise public awareness of the topic of dementia. Success: The HILDA mobil has been regularly on the road in various parts of the city since 2013. It reaches very many citizens in Frankfurt am Main who are in a concrete situation of concern and who can be helped immediately.

„Day care oasis in the Burg Wonnecken day center“.

(Applicant: Alzheimer Society Main-Kinzig-Kreis e. V.)

Establishment of an additional apartment connected to the day center. The offer is aimed at guests of the day center who are in the third stage of dementia in the „world of cognitive defenselessness“ (according to Held, Ermini-Fünfschilling). The goal is to establish relative well-being and avoid over- and underchallenge. Furthermore, isolation, deprivation and existential fears of life, which can occur increasingly in the most severe phase of dementia, are to be alleviated by inclusion in a community and provide comfort and security.
Success: The Care Oasis takes better account of people with advanced dementia.

„I know best what is good for me – improving the quality of life of people with dementia through home visits and individual case discussions“.

(Applicant: Hospital of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main)

The project is embedded in the model project „MultiTANDEM“ of the Hessian Ministry of Labor, Family and Health and the state associations of the nursing care insurance funds in Hesse. At least eighty affected persons, eighty relatives and eighty professional caregivers will participate in the study over a period of two years. The goal is to provide a concrete, practical guide for conducting home visits and case discussions that can also be understood by laypersons. The project aims to improve the home care situation through home visits and case discussions and thus the quality of life of those affected.

„We want to have a say“

(Applicant: Demenz Support Stuttgart e. V.)

Richard Taylor (USA), Christine Bryden (Australia), Helga Rohra and Christian Zimmermann (both Germany) spoke about how the diagnosis of dementia changed their lives in front of an audience of 250 in the Gallussaal at the event „Wir wollen mitreden“ on April 15, 2011 in Frankfurt. The aim is to lift the taboo surrounding the topic and bring those affected out of isolation. Increasingly, those affected early on are turning to the public to tell those not affected what they need and, above all, what they do not want. Success: In the event, those affected by dementia – together with a second event in Stuttgart – not only took center stage thematically for the first time, but also took the floor themselves as key players. The event received positive feedback, which led to the further development of the commitment of Demenz Support Stuttgart in this topic area.

„Dementia Patients in Acute Care Hospitals.“

(Applicant: Caritasverband Bezirk Main-Taunus e. V., dementia specialist unit)

Organization of a specialist event and workshop on the topic of „Dementia patients in acute hospitals“ on January 24, 2011. The goal is to improve the care situation of patients with dementia in the hospital, to avoid additional impairments for those affected and to facilitate care at home.
Success: The event took place on January 24, 2011. The participants were shown the variety of care options. Further implementation is not measurable for the foundation. It is hoped that the information will multiply and that the specialist event will be an initial spark for new offers or care structures.

„Film about WG in Villa Mathildenhöhe“

(Applicant bb filmproduktion Bodo Beuchel)

Film documentation of the family-run, outpatient assisted living community for people with dementia – Villa Mathildenhöhe – in Darmstadt. The aim is for relatives to find out what alternatives there are to nursing homes and how they themselves can develop a residential community and play an active role in it.
Success: The film deals with all the issues that affect relatives confronted with the disease. It is a valuable aid for all relatives.

„HilDA: Help for dementia patients and their relatives“.

(Applicant: Bürgerinstitut e. V. Frankfurt am Main).

HilDA offers counseling, group services and a home visit service for people with dementia and their relatives. For this, additional persons are needed who can offer and implement the service. The goal is to train volunteers as „dementia ambassadors“ and to deploy them in their immediate environment with those affected and their relatives.
Success: HilDA provides comprehensive information on the clinical picture of dementia, on possibilities of financial support and on the organization of life and everyday life. With its services, the Citizens‘ Institute is an important point of contact for citizens in Frankfurt am Main on the subject of dementia.

„End-of-life care for people with dementia“.

(Applicant: Hospizverein Lebensbrücke e. V.)

Advanced training for volunteers and professional staff of the hospice facility on the topic of „End-of-life care for people with dementia“ with lecturer Dr. Jutta Becker. Project goal: Expanding awareness of the needs of dying people with dementia. Success: With funding from the Breuer Foundation, a 4-day seminar series was held in spring 2010. The seminar participants state that they have gained new skills through the seminar, which they judge as very helpful for their work in end-of-life care.

„Clowns in Nursing Homes for the Elderly.“

(Applicant: Dr. med. Clown e. V.)

Humor is a silver bullet in dealing with dementia patients. Project goal: To help heal with laughter. Success: The clowns visited several living and residential communities and provided moments of well-being there, during which there was plenty of laughter together.

„Study on availability and utilization of non-pharmacological help and support services for dementia“.

(Applicant: City of Wiesbaden)

The city of Wiesbaden is the sponsor of the „Forum Demenz“, a networked association of all services, institutions, actors of elderly care and health care in Wiesbaden since 2008. In order to ensure that the services reach their users and are used, the „Forum Demenz“ planned a study to investigate the barriers to use and wishes of the users on the one hand and the availability – but also the weak points – of the services on the other hand. The aim of the study is to ensure comprehensive and seamless care for people with dementia primarily at home, but also in outpatient and inpatient settings. For this reason, existing services and those to be newly created are to be coordinated in such a way that they provide specific support for people with dementia and their relatives, both in general and in individual situations (case management). The study was scientifically accompanied and evaluated by the Institute for Gerontology at the University of Heidelberg from January to December 2009. The final report was submitted to the Breuer Foundation.

„Counseling and training services for relatives of people with dementia“.

(Applicant: Center for Social Psychiatry Rehbergpark gGmbH)

The Gerontopsychiatric Center of the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, the Rehbergpark gGmbH in Herborn would like to give caring relatives the opportunity to learn to understand the disease dementia through counseling, training and knowledge transfer and to acquire personal action competence with regard to their patients and for their own mental hygiene. Project goal: Through the counseling and training offers, the relatives should experience relief through knowledge transfer about dementia diseases and their course, information about care provision, health care proxy as well as legal framework conditions, information about further relief offers within the region, the possibility of reflection and the creation of own free spaces. Success: The clinic’s offer triggered a very high demand for counseling and training services. The project was continued and made permanent with our own funds.

„SunLight Project“

(Applicant: Oberhessisches Diakoniezentrum Johann-Friedrich-Stift Laubach Hausgemeinschaften Seniorenstift Lich)

The project involves the development and implementation of an activation concept for people with advanced dementia who, due to this disease, cannot be sufficiently activated within the framework of group offerings. Project goal: Using a range of activation options (music, movement, basal stimulation, use of rhythm), all senses are to be addressed and moments of well-being created for those affected, contributing to a relative satisfaction with life. Success: the project won an award and received the top rating of 1+ from the MDK (Medical Service of Health Insurance).

„Establishment of a regional working group“

(Applicant: City of Neu-Isenburg)

Establishment of a regional working group „Networking and further development of care structures for people with dementia. Project objective: The objective of the network is to increase the quality of life of gerontopsychiatrically ill people (especially with dementia) and their relatives in the long term. This is to be achieved through an intensive, interlocking and interdisciplinary cooperation of the different professional groups and participants in the community, which contributes to the support (adequate therapy and treatment, provision of support services, etc.) of the dementia patients and their relatives. It is also a matter of removing the taboo surrounding dementia through public relations work and educating the population about the disease.

Success: The working group „Gerontological Diseases“ in the sense of a gerontopsychiatric forum, was renamed „Network Quality of Life and Dementia“, as the new name more clearly reflects the content and objective. The financial support of the Breuer Foundation has contributed to the stabilization of the working group and its networking structures of cooperation.

„Music therapy for people with dementia“.

(Applicant: Alzheimer Gesellschaft Main-Kinzig e. V.)

Practical research project day care Burg Wonnecken „Music therapy for people with dementia“. Project goal: Memory is to be evoked through music. The most severe memory disorders are to be alleviated by biographically relevant music. Music stimulates emotions, provides structure and order, promotes creativity and movement.
Success: The therapy is further variably carried out by the own, semi-skilled staff. The concept of therapeutic intervention is also applied in other facilities.

„Comparative study“

(Applicant: Protestant University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt)

Comparative study on the quality of life of people with dementia in outpatient assisted living communities with special consideration of the integration of relatives, volunteers and legal caregivers. The study is designed to run for several years (until 2011). The aim is to show to what extent and through which structures the quality of life of people with dementia in shared flats improves when relatives, legal guardians and volunteers are involved in the support. Learn more in the study.

„Establishment and consultation of a relatives-commissioned community in the WG“.

(Applicant: WG Villa Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt for people with dementia)

The aim of the project is to build up structures independent of providers, to strengthen independent commitment and to develop multiplication effects.

Success: Exemplary concept, successful in every respect; multiplication effect in Hesse (see 2010 film project).

„Development of an online database“

(Applicant: Caritasverband Main-Taunus-Kreis)

Since November 2004, the Caritasverband Main Taunus has been responsible for the model project „Dementia Network in the Main-Taunus District“. This is a model project funded by the state of Hesse, which aims to improve the care situation for dementia patients and their relatives in the district. When the funding for the model project expired at the end of September 2007, the Breuer Foundation was asked to finance the website, among other things.

Success: the new Dementia Network homepage went live in November 2009.

„Qualification courses for life companions“

(Applicant: Haus Aja Textor-Goethe + Sozialpädagogisches Zentrum e. V.)

Advanced training for people who accompany people with dementia with topics for the care practice. Teaching of concepts, methods, communication elements, counseling, etc. of people with dementia. The aim is to train people who can care for or accompany people with dementia.

Success: Transfer to regular care, i.e., the facility trains its own staff and also accepts external people on request in cooperation with other facilities.

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„Design of a sensory garden“

(Applicant: Haus Aja Textor-Goethe)

Creation of a stimulating milieu-therapeutic environment in and outside the house communities by designing a sensory garden to stimulate all five senses. The goal is to design a garden suitable for dementia.

Success: The goal has been achieved in an exemplary manner; the project has received the Grandmann Foundation Award and is a lighthouse project for Frankfurt am Main.