Volunteer help needed to help run our daycare!

Did you know that there are currently about 1.8 million people living with dementia in Germany? For families, this can become a full-time task. To ensure that there is time to take a deep breath, we relieve the burden on family members with our day care. You can help with this, too!

From Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., up to eight guests come together in our day care center to move, play, sing, go for walks and eat together.
The good mood and the fun are never neglected. In order for us to continue to be a great place for our guests and their families, we are looking for dedicated people like you to support us one or two days a week. For your commitment you will receive an expense allowance and close integration in a friendly open team.
So please contact us and become a donor of time and laughter for our day guests!

Contact for further information:

Maren Ewald and Tanja Dubas
phone: 069-2030 5546

Volunteer help needed for our visitation ministry!

Viele Menschen mit Demenz fühlen sich einsam zuhause oder die Angehörigen kommen mit der Rund-um-die-Uhr-Begleitung an Grenzen, müssen wichtige Termine wahrnehmen oder brauchen mal Zeit zum Durchatmen. Alternativ oder auch zusätzlich zu unserer Gruppenbetreuung im StattHaus unterstützen wir deshalb Betroffene und ihre Angehörigen zuhause mit einem Besuchsdienst. Er ist als Entlastungsangebot nach §45a SGB XI von den Pflegekassen anerkannt. Für diese Tätigkeit zahlen wir eine stundenweise Aufwandsentschädigung und stehen natürlich für die Einweisung, Qualifizierung und Begleitung eng an der Seite unserer Helferinnen und Helfer.
Wichtig: Es geht ausschließlich um eine soziale Betreuung mit Aktivitäten wie Gespräche, Spazierengehen, Spielen, gemeinsames Essen, Kaffee und Kuchen, ggf. Ausflüge etc. (keine Pflege!).
Vielleicht haben Sie Interesse an einer solchen Aktivität? Dann melden Sie sich bei uns! Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Unterstützung!

Ansprechpartner für weitere Informationen:

Maren Ewald und Tanja Dubas
Telefon: 069-2030 5546

(e.g. annual internship, student internship, practical seminar during studies or training)

With an internship, we offer the opportunity to gain an insight into the foundation’s work, especially in the area of assistance for those affected at StattHaus Offenbach. Before the start of the internship, there will be an introductory meeting in which the StattHaus management will agree with you on the motives, interests, contents and tasks.

The main focus of the internship is to accompany our day guests with dementia and in particular to get to know the associated handling, coordination and documentation procedures.

In addition, the participation in the in-house meeting center/café in the form of service activities and assistance in the preparation and follow-up. In addition to the day guests, citizens from the neighborhood also eat lunch, coffee and cake in the café.

Another area of practical training is the residential community for people with dementia (9 people) living in StattHaus. Here, by arrangement, it is also possible to become acquainted with organizational and care processes.

Like the employees and volunteers, interns are continuously trained. Questions, experiences and planned measures are discussed in regular team meetings. These group meetings are supplemented by individual reflection sessions.

Contact persons for further information:

Maren Ewald and Tanja Dubas
Phone: 069-2030 5546

Time donor

With us you will find a suitable place if you:

  • are looking for a meaningful activity on a voluntary basis and want to get involved with those affected and their relatives
  • have no fear of contact with forgetful elderly people
  • want to work in a lively team of helpers
  • like a variety of activities
  • want to contribute ideas and help to shape the activities
  • want to be part of a group or prefer to dedicate themselves to individuals
  • want to work in our café You will receive from us a detailed interview to get to know each other
  • time to try things out
  • training and further education
  • regular space for exchange and reflectionContact for further information:Maren Ewald and Tanja Dubas
    phone: 069-2030 5546